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Dr MP Noqamza (PhD)

PhD (Community Psych.) (UniZulu), CERTIFICATE IN (FORENSIC PSYC) UP Med (Guidance & Counselling) Unisa, BA (Hons) Psych) Unisa & Bed (Hons) (S.GC) RAU CERTIFICATE IN (Marriage Guidance & Counselling) Unisa

Dr MP Noqamza was born and bred at Imizizi location in Bizana in the Eastern Cape Province. He attended Mzizi Primary School (now Etheridge), he then completed his Secondary School Education through private studies while working as a laborer. In 1980 he completed his Junior Secondary Teacher’s Certificate (JSTC) at Cicira College of Education in Mthatha.


In 1994 he completed a BA (Psychology & Maths) degree at Unisa and an FDE (Educational Guidance) Diploma at RAU (University of Johannesburg) while working as a school teacher. In 1986 he became a School Principal until June 2006. In 1996 he completed a BEd (Hons)(School Guidance & Counselling) at Unisa and became a Registered Psychometrist in 1998.


He then obtained his BA (Hons)(in Psychology) at Unisa and in 2000 also passed his Certificate in Marriage Guidance and Counselling at Unisa. In 2001-2002 he worked as an Intern Psychologist at the Port Shepstone Department of Education under the supervision of Dr. MJ Ngesi and became a Registered Psychologist in April 2002. He obtained MEd (Guidance & Counselling) degree at Unisa in 2002. Started as a part-time practicing psychologist in 2002. In 2004, he passed a Certificate in Advanced Forensic Psychology at the University of Pretoria.


In 2005, he did a distance education Certificate in Article Writing at the University of Southern Queensland (in Australia). He worked as a part-time Psychology Tutor at Unisa and NMMU (Port Elizabeth) branches during the years 2000-2012. In July 2006 he was promoted to the Bizana Education District Offices as DCES (Psycho-Social Services) until May 2010. He obtained a Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.) (in Community Psychology) in 2012 at the University of Zululand. His highlight moments are that “He completed almost all (99%) of his tertiary education through independent distance learning” and is the First ever, Professionally Registered, and Practising Psychologist with Ph.D. at Bizana.


He is currently Registered and a full member of national and international professional bodies such as the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), Psychological Society of Southern Africa (PsySSA), South African Clinical Neuropsychological Association (SACNA), and Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). After practicing as a part-time psychologist at Port Edward (KZN South Coast) since 2002, he then started Full Time Practice in 2010 and at Bizana Offices (EC) and Port Edward (KZN). Attended some refresher courses such as Advanced Course in Understanding Legal-ethical Practice in Psychology, Encounters Course with Couples, Child’s Voice Toolkit Workshop, PsySSA Congress, Sleep Congress with regard to the Brain, the Mind and Sleep, the Psychologist in Court Workshop



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